Who we work with

We work with people at all stages of life including:

Business owners

You are building your business and don’t have time to ensure your financial planning is in order. We help business owners tackle the complexity of creating a personal wealth plan in the context of their businesses. We create the appropriate structure and strategy for success.


As a busy professional, you lead a busy life. At Hywood Partners, we understand the need for your financial world to be set up appropriately and structures to provide a strong future as reward for your hard work. We work with you to get the plan in place to achieve that, around your schedule and capacity.

Family Businesses

Family businesses undergo unique seasons of growth and succession. We work directly with families to navigate the complexity that exists in these situations and find a clear strategic direction forward for everyone.


You’ve spent a lifetime building your wealth and as you enter a new era of your life, it’s time to strategically plan how best to enjoy it. At Hywood Partners, we walk with you every step of the way to set up a strategy
to allow you to maximise your retirement lifestyle.

How we work with you

We help our clients get a clear picture of their existing financial world and make a plan for the future to build on their wealth and access it at the right time.

What we do

We provide services across:

Business succession planning

Planning the future of your business and your eventual exit.

Personal financial planning

Creating a plan for your personal financial world.

Family wealth planning

Ensuring the continuance of your family wealth.

Wealth structures

Structuring your wealth for the long term.


The right approach to your superannuation planning.

Investing and Portfolio Management

Investing your funds to reach your goals.

Personal Insurances

Protecting what’s most important.

Retirement and exit

Accessing your wealth at the right time and in the appropriate way.

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